Tato Svitato is a kind, harmless character full of enthusiasm who uses balancing acts, juggling and humour as his tasty recipe, spiced with a good amount of unpredictability marked by a pressing rhythm.


Taking part to one of Tato Svitato's shows, means entering into a fantastic, magical and playful arena from where to witness the funny and hilarious evolutions of this character who, through breathtaking acts, creates a real empathic encounter between himself and the young (and not-so young) public.
The fantastic bizarreness of TatoSvitato, which appears to be in continuous transformation, is highlighted by a Don Quijote-type humanity that intrigues, amazes and captivates the public, and turns it into a collective experience that goes well beyond simple entertainment.

  • Kind

  • Duration

  • Space

  • Sound

  • Lights

  • Theater of road show of comical juggling acts

  • Minimum 20 minutes up to 50 minutes

  • A minimum area of 5m x 5m on flat, even ground is required

  • Battery operated PA system

  • Supplied by the organizers